Ciao! Welcome to The Original Italian Village

Welcome to the Original Italian Village of Blackwood, New Jersey. We have been serving South Jersey since 1970. On our site you find everything you need to know ranging from “What is in our Roast Pork Italiano?” or “Can I ship Locatelli (Pecorino Romano) Cheese to my family in Florida?” (which we do!).

Let us take you back in time when as soon as you walk through the door and smell the Sharp Provolone Cheese and Freshly Grated Locateli, you will think you’re walking through the streets of Old Italy!

Although Big Tom (Rea) has retired, you’ll still occasionally see him on his part-time job at the Original Italian Village, working the shop.

We assure you to carry the same amazing Italian Specialty Meats & Cheeses you have grown to love.  Although our menu and appearance may have changed a little, our prices have not!  We appreciate the support that has been given to us and want to continue for many years to come.

Oh and by the way, South Philly… we don’t claim to have invented the Cheesesteak… We just Perfected It!

Molte Grazie,

Larry Panzone, Owner/Proprietor